Whilst every measure is taken to ensure good quality food to customers in restaurants, these places often struggle to couple good quality food with instant service. The time taken to order the food and then to process the order causes inconvenience to customers and restaurants are increasingly looking for ways to speed up their services that will lead to higher customer satisfaction. MCS offers Mobile POS, a PDA where the user can take the order from the customer instantly without any delay. This PDA can be used by multiple waiters in a restaurant, bar & anywhere else its applicable at.

Built on an android platform, Mobile POS application is designed to operate on cost-efficient, lightweight handheld PDAs. MCS Mobile POS quickly captures orders on a simple order entry interface, increasing server productivity. Using this device, users can have access to the core sale functions and are also enabled to make customizations.

Product Features

Product Features are

  • Touch-Screen Ready
  • Delete, cancel, or retrieve a transaction
  • Applying business logic from existing POS system
  • eReceipt solutions
  • A built-in tutorial that facilitates more resourceful training
  • Multi-device platform support- pocket PC, Windows CE, handheld devices, etc
  • Customizable client side UI framework
  • Provision for electronic signature on screen using finger or stylus

Benefits of MCS Mobile POS
  • Increased sale per employee by shortening the checkout line
  • Lessened walkout numbers and enhanced customer satisfaction by reducing checkout time
  • Better asset utilization
  • Saving on budget owing to acquisition of fewer fixed POS terminals
  • Increased POS capacity without increasing store space for POS
  • A better control over inventories
  • More efficient management of peak-hour volumes
  • Save server steps to fixed POS terminals