Well established student management systems in educational institutions are still lacking the proficiency in web-based profiling. M Cubic Software has prepared the MCS SPS software based on the challenges faced. It helps in a well-organized management of student records and enables parents to keep in touch with their child's performance and development at school. SPS essentially performs records and profile management. MCS SPS has been developed to put forth student's knowledge base, modeling the course context in context of the precise needs. Using MCS SPS, the working models for content, student, and learning roadmap have been defined formally.

MCS SPS is basically concerned with the students' data maintenance and periodical status which encompasses students' academic records, attendance records, health records and a overall review of the students' profile.

Key Features
  • Online student profile that covers learning styles and student behavior
  • Student attendance record system
  • Visual Profile
  • Survey and instrument results
  • Profile for discipline
  • Provision of statistical reports
  • Maintaining record of the exam results of every student
  • Environment Education Profile
  • Student health records
  • National Education Profile
  • Attendance Records
  • The test and assessment reports
  • Student Leadership Profile
  • Provision to edit student detail based on student's semester and year
  • Recording student counseling
  • Sports Education Profile
  • Schools Interoperability Framework Compliance
  • Records of old students
  • TC Issued Students