Leveraging its industry-leading expertise in digital solutions, M Cubic Software provides ingenious MCS Kiosks with advanced kiosk software. MCS Kiosks are interactive touchscreen kiosks that can be customized seamlessly according to the specific requirements. Our kiosks can range from being uncomplicated systems that do not require supervision to highly sophisticated system which provide users access to all information about the hotel, the events, the local area and also about the tourist attractions

Product Features

Product Features are

  • 15 or 17-inch screens
  • Highly advanced digital platform
  • Stereo speakers
  • Highly responsive Touch Keyboards
  • Web Camera
  • Provide customer service feedback forms.
  • Credit Card Insert or Swipe Reader
  • Related Location Maps & Images
  • Multimedia display

Benefits of MCS Kiosks
  • No more standing in long queues to get information on the restaurants and room rates
  • User friendly kiosks that don't need you to be computer savvy
  • Hotels can get feedback of customers, helping them to improve their services
  • Optimized virtual communication
  • Information characterized with precision
  • For an owner, they can get a more descriptive reference to inventory
  • Stream a variety of messages, be it audio or video
  • Digitize the company payroll leading to more accuracy of procedure while saving on time