Arrivals and in-house guests are served using the Front Desk features of our property management software. This module handles individual guests, groups, and walk-ins, and has features for room blocking, managing guest messages and wakeup calls, and creating and following up on inter-department advisories, or traces.

As it is keypad operated. It is so user-friendly that the staff can self-train themselves within thirty minutes. However, that does not translate to any compromise in terms of features.
Product Features

Product Features are

  • Guest History Maintenance
  • Photo Check in & for Guest History Maintenance
  • From the Guest History automatically emails send to the guest for anniversary and birthday wishes
  • Dash board for quick reference of front office activities
  • E-Mail option for Reservation confirmation, Checkin, Checkout and Reservation Cancellation
  • Auto SMS option for Reservation, Check in, Checkout
  • Graphical reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Chat Room & File Transfer Facility for Internal Users
  • To Do List for Task Reminder
  • Link room and Delink of Rooms
  • Drill down reports for to know the guest info
  • Budget entry screen for current year and Next year
  • Extensive Audit Control